Czech gamekeeper skins a wild boar in the middle of a housing estate

As he didn’t have enough space at home to skin the corpse of a hunted animal, a gamekeeper from Brno decided to perform the procedure right in the middle of a densely populated housing estate. 

An unusual and raw scenery took place before the inhabitants of a housing estate in the Czech Republic’s second-largest city, Brno.

An elderly gamekeeper, who managed to shoot down a wild boar, decided to skin the animal’s corpse right in the middle of a densely populated area of the city’s quarter, Julianov.

As he didn’t have anywhere else to conduct the procedure, the huntsman hung the pig over a metal utensil that usually serves as a place where locals let their clothes dry out.

The procedure was visible from the majority of windows and balconies of the area, and not even the children were spared the look. That’s why some horrified citizens called the police to stop the whole incident.

However, once the police arrived at the scene of the alleged crime, they stated that the gamekeeper didn’t violate any law and therefore he’s able to continue with the procedure.

“I don’t understand all the fuss around as well as the reports to the police. I just skinned the animal outside because I don’t have enough space at home,” the gamekeeper told Czech tabloid Blesk.

“Certain individuals who live in the area were shocked by the incident,” said the Deputy Mayor of the municipality, Petr Kunc, who himself posted photos of the incident to social media as a mere curiosity.

“It’s funny what can happen inside a housing estate,” Kunc said. “We’ve realized that it wasn’t for the first time this has happened,” he added.