Lockdown: monkey spotted flying a kite in India

With the current coronavirus outbreak emptying streets like never before, animals have returned to cities all around the world. Some of them have taken their new urban freedom to the next level

The current situation around the COVID-19 disease has put our world to a long-lost silence. And many animals around the world have taken advantage of this unprecedented state. 

While Italy — one of the countries most hit by the pandemic — has seen wild boars roaming in the streets of their cities, gangs of monkeys are basically flooding the public areas in Thailand.

In India, monkeys have taken urban freedom to another level. A few days ago, Indian Forest Services officer Susanta Nanda published a video on Twitter with a rare sight. A monkey appears to be flying a kite on a roof.

“Evolution happening fast due to lockdown,” Nanda says in the tweet. 

“Monkey flying a kite. Yes it’s a monkey for sure,” he added. 

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The video became viral almost instantly with thousands of people enjoying the rare sight.

The urban wild emerges

Monkeys and boars are not the only animals that have proven to be curious and smart during the lockdown. The scenes of wildlife taking advantage of the empty streets take place almost everywhere in the world.

For instance, while sea lions decided to hit the streets of Mar del Plata harbor in Argentina, jackals — who are usually timid — took over a jogging trail in Tel Aviv, Israel.