Unborn baby recorded a music album in her mother’s womb

Unborn baby

Little Luca Yupanqui managed to create music when she was still in her mother’s womb. Her parents recorded her movements and plan to release an album called ‘Sounds Of The Unborn’

Numerous studies have confirmed that playing music to your unborn baby can have a positive effect on its mental state. It’s hard to say, if it will ever have a positive effect on the child’s music career, but is sure is a pleasant activity.

But in April this year, the opposite situation will take place. It’s going to be the unborn baby girl who will satisfy her happy parents with her own music. 

When the bass player of experimental rock band Psychic Ills, Elizabeth Hart, was pregnant with her daughter Luca Yupanqui, she decided to come up with something unprecedented in the world of music.

She recorded Luca’s movements in her womb using a biosonic MIDI technology. The device was hooked to Hart’s stomach, and her partner Iván Diaz Mathé used his synthesizers to transcribe the vibrations.

“We did some Super 8 footage during the recording sessions and later we teamed up with artist Victoria Keddie because we love her approach and aesthetic. She processed the film with analog gear and created a visual trip that summarises what we felt while creating this album,” said Mathé.

The session lasted four hours. Then, both musicians edited and mixed the results. However, they aimed to intervene as little as possible to allow “Luca’s message to exist in its raw form.” 

The album will be released in April, but there already is footage available on Youtube.