Thief facing 8 years in jail for stealing digital knife in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

A Counter-Strike gamer has allegedly stolen a knife worth $1400 in the Czech Republic. He is facing an exceptionally harsh sentence as the country is currently in a state of emergency due to the spread of Covid-19.

Stealing a digital knife in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can turn into an especially long stay in jail for a gamer, the Czech national television reports

The unknown gamer was supposed to pay nearly $1400 for a rare collectible in the game. But even after receiving the item and paying a deposit, the digital villain failed to deliver the rest of the full price. 

The injured gamer, who lost his precious item in the misconduct, reported the incident to the police in Pilsen, Czech Republic. 

“He received around $190 deposit and the rest was supposed to be paid during a meetup. But until this day, the injured man hasn’t obtained the full amount,” said Pilsen police spokeswoman Veronika Hokrova. 

The sentence for such a crime is exceptionally harsh as the whole of the Czech Republic is currently in a state of emergency due to the covid-19 outbreak. This means that even a relatively insignificant crime can lead to hard sentences.  

Eight years in jail for stealing pizza buns in a supermarket

The fact that the state of emergency is not a joke, is apparent in other sentences that have been ruled over the few past months. 

For instance, a homeless man in Brno, Czechia’s second-largest city, was facing an eight-year sentence for stealing five pizza buns in a supermarket, each worth $0.60. 

Although the man was under a probationary period for another criminal act in the past, the punishment seemed too extreme to the regional court. The suspect ended up with a sentence of 1,5 years in prison eventually. 

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