Thief steals empty safe from fabric store in Czechia. When caught by police he claimed he only fell asleep inside

Rolls of fabric - MabelAmber / Pixabay

A fabric store owner was watching his business being robbed through CCTV. He called the police who found a 28-year-old man hidden under layers of textile pretending to be confused . In his bag, the police found an empty safe and three textile samplers 

A peculiar case of robbery occurred in the Czech Republic’s second city of Brno.

On one February night, a 28-year-old man broke into a fabric store near the city center, Tydenik policie reports.

He managed to get in through a window and started searching for valuables. After looking inside drawers and lockers, the man found a safe he didn’t know was empty. He put it in his bag along with three textile samplers. 

Unfortunately for him, the store owner was watching the whole incident thanks to CCTV inside the shop. He immediately called the police who arrived at the scene in a few minutes. 

As the owner confirmed the thief is still inside, the officers made a detailed check of the premises. Eventually, they found the man near the entrance door hidden under layers of textile.

The thief pretended to be confused and claimed that he hadn’t robbed anything, that he just fell asleep under the fabrics. The police intervention is available on YouTube:

The man is now facing a trial for robbery and might soon return to prison from which he was released a few months ago.

Harsh punishment can be in place as the country has been in a state of emergency. During these exceptional times, even a small theft can result in eight-year imprisonment.

This measure applies even to digital theft. Similar conditions are currently possible for a man who stole a digital knife in Counter-Strike.

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