Arizona man fakes his own kidnapping to avoid work

Arizona man fakes his own kidnapping to avoid work -

Trying to steal a bit more free time didn’t work out well for a man in Coolidge, Arizona. Instead of going to work, he decided to fake his own kidnapping. But, as he didn’t think his story over very much, the police quickly found out 

Arizona officers received a report of a man that appeared to be kidnapped on February 10. The alleged victim was supposed to hang out near the Coolidge water tower.

When the officers arrived at the alleged crime scene, they did find a man in unusual condition. He was having a bandana stuffed in his mouth and his hands were bound behind his back with a belt.

The man reportedly told the police that two masked men hit his head, knocked him unconscious, and kidnapped him, Coolidge Examiner reports

He then went on to say they were driving him round in a vehicle for a while until they dropped him off at the spot the police found him. 

The detectives conducted an extensive investigation of the allegations but they failed to find anything that would support the statement.

In fact, they actually found evidence showing that his story was clearly fabricated.

The man was arrested on February 17 and is facing trial for false reporting to police. During an interview with the officers, he reportedly admitted that he made up the story to avoid work.

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