Former minister dumps a pile of manure at Slovak Government Office

Former Slovak minister dumps a pile of manure at Government Office -

Former Slovak minister of education, Juraj Drexler, reportedly expressed his discontent with the current Prime Minister in an unusual way. “He’s dumping manure on us every day, so today, I gave it back,” he said.

The police in Slovakia’s capital Bratislava were investigating a rather unusual case. On Wednesday night, they found a pile of manure dumped right at the entrance to the Government Office.

The search for the person responsible for this malodorous act didn’t take too long as he soon unveiled himself on Facebook. The manure was brought there by former minister of education, Jural Draxler.

In his Facebook post, he said that it was an act of protest against the current Prime Minister, Igor Matovič.

“He’s dumping it at us every day, so today, I gave it back,” Draxler said.

The police gave Draxler a fine of €100 ($120). Many people said that the fine was acceptable and joked that they would deliver their own manure. Draxler urged his supporters not to do that.

Protest against chaotic and badly communicated measures

The events in Slovakia have become rather turbulent during the past few weeks. Currently, the Slovak governmental coalition is in crisis due to the fact that the country’s Prime Minister secretly purchased 2 million doses of Russian vaccine against COVID-19, Sputnik V.

His partners in the coalition were against using the vaccine as it is not yet approved by the European Medical Agency.

In another post, Draxler added that the current government is operating like none before.

He claims that current measures against COVID-19 are almost unconstitutional and so chaotic and badly communicated, that people cannot clearly comprehend it.

To emphasize his criticism against the current minister of health, he organized an event called the Day of Wrath.

Apart from dumping the manure, during the day, he placed a large chain over governmental institutions and released an inflatable clown with a picture of Igor Matovič.

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