It’s a woof o’clock! Dogs can actually smell time

Dogs can smell the passage of time​

Dogs are capable of actually sniffing the passage of time. That’s why they can get excited even before they hear or see you coming back home from work!

It’s no secret that dogs’ snouts are the utmost powerful tool. These fluffy creatures can smell fragrances and odors one wouldn’t think possible.

But it doesn’t end right there as there’s one amazing fact about the animal. Dogs are even able to sniff out one the very categories of the universe itself.

Oh yes. Our closest friends from the animal kingdom can tell the time. And instead of using clocks or watches, they simply smell it.

More precisely, dogs are able to determine the regular shifts of their surroundings by the changes in the odors around them.

To put it in a simple way, dogs can tell how odors change during the day and can adjust to the regime. 

For instance, if your business week has a regular schedule, dogs will find out and make it their own.

According to researcher and author Alexandra Horowitz, “Dogs smell time”, Once you leave for work in the morning, your odor will slowly decrease at home during the day.

And dogs are able to tell how strong your odor remains around the time you usually get back home, so they can get excited even before they hear or see you coming.

Horowitz explained that “Smells in a room change as the day goes on.” 

“Hot air rises, and it usually rises in currents along the walls, and will rise to the ceiling and go to the center of the room and drop. And so, if we were able to visualize the movement of air through the day, what we’re really visualizing is the movement of odor through the day.”

So to be kind to your dog, try to keep things in a regular way. As they are able to sense what your routine smells like.