Pack of blue-colored dogs roams around a city in Russia

Blue dog in Russia - Squeekly

An unusual pack of stray dogs has become a hit of Russian social network Vkontakte. They roam around the city of Dzerzhinsk, 370 kilometers from Moscow and some users expressed concerns that their health might be at risk

“I’m blue da ba die, da ba woof” could very much be a saying among a pack of stray dogs in a city of Dzerzhinsk that lies around 370 kilometers east from the capital of the Russian Federation. 

A user of the Russian social network Vkontakte has published unusual images of these stray pups who have been roaming around the city’s abandoned factory. In contrast to usual dogs, the fur of these animals is completely blue.

And while some users compared the dogs to cartoon and movie characters, others have expressed serious concerns that their health could be at risk. 

Blue dogs in Russia Squeekly

The factory used to produce plexiglass and hydrocyanic acid. And according to the statement of the chemicals plant’s former bankruptcy manager to RIA Novosti, its buildings still store chemicals like copper sulfate which might have been the cause of the dogs’ unusual fur color. 

According to RIA Novosti, the authorities of the city of Dzerzhinsk are currently negotiating with the Orgsteklo company’s management. They aim to enter the closed factory grounds and to check out on the dogs’ condition.

However, an animal rights activist told the news agency that the animals’ health is likely not in danger.

“According to preliminary visual inspection, the dogs are in satisfactory condition. Tomorrow, specialists will enter the chemical factory grounds and find and examine the animals,” the city administration told Interfax.

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