Man in Borat’s mankini skis on a snow-covered hill in Prague

Man dressed in Borat-like swimsuit skies in Prague - Squeekly

As Prague lies covered in snow, the citizens don’t hesitate to take advantage of the weather. Some of them went almost skinny-dipping

While the people of Prague are happily enjoying the unusual layers of snow this winter has brought them, another individual has decided to level up the occasion according to an iconic movie.

Dressed in nothing but the swimsuit of Borat, a parodic movie character created by Sasha Baron Cohen, the person went downhill near Prague Castle.

By the act, the individual accompanied numerous children, who after months of lockdown finally had some fun bob-sledding and playing in the snow with their friends.

The whole event is emphasized by the fact that ski resorts in the country of the Czech Republic have been closed amid the measures against the current covid-19 outbreak.

The video of the man skiing in nothing but the green g-string slash string vest was posted by Twitter user Pokornja on Monday, February 8.

In the meantime, dozens of enthusiasts were cross-country skiing on one of the major landmarks of Prague, Charles Bridge.

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