Prague people cross-country skiing on Charles Bridge as the city gets covered in snow

Charles bridge Prague - Wikimedia Commons

Every year, Czech Republic ends up in surprise that it snows in January. But this time, a few people decided to take advantage of the weather conditions and had exceptional fun cross-country skiing around famous landmarks

Few inches of snow usually constitute a major issue for the capital of the Czech Republic – Prague.

With the first snowflakes dropping on the surface of the old city, the traffic starts to collapse, and commute becomes a serious struggle. 

But Praguers never fall into despair and are always ready to take advantage of rare weather conditions. 

When the city became covered in snow on Sunday night, they took out cross country skies and used them as a fun way to commute and travel around the historical center. 

Even one of the most famous landmarks of the whole Czech Republic – the old Charles Bridge that leads to the Prague Castle over the Vltava river – ended up under the white cold blanket.

Luckily, plow drivers left a narrow stripe of snow on the bridge, and the space is now used by the skiers. 

Now, people can admire the beautiful architecture of the city of hundred spires in a completely genuine way.

In the meantime, other individuals ski from a hill near Prague Castel dressed in Borat’s mankini.

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