Woman finds a snake in the toilet. The police realize it’s just a poo

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Police officers hurried to tackle a supposed snake in a toilet bowl in the Czech town of Milovice. What they discovered wasn’t any kind of a living animal and they quickly eliminated it with the flush button

The municipality police of the Czech town of Milovice had a rather smelly case to deal with. 

They received a phone call from a terrified woman telling them that she found a snake in her toilet. She blocked the toilet and waited anxiously for the officers to rescue her. 

The police hurried to her apartment thinking how big of a snake can fit in a toilet bowl and what would be the best technique to use for the capture, Police Weekly reports

When they arrived at the scene, they found the toilet lid covered by electronics the woman put there to prevent the animal from escaping to her flat.

One of the police officers gathered up courage and lifted the lid with the device on it. 

As he didn’t end up bitten and no creature managed to escape from under the lid, the officers used a flashlight to investigate the insides of the toilet bowl.

What they found was, by no means, a venomous snake, even though the shape of the object did share some similarity. 

Disgusted by the brown finding, they decided to eliminate it by flushing it to the place where such items belong. 

They said their goodbyes to the embarrassed lady and left to solve another mysterious case.

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