Hobo: Tough Life. Experience how it is to be homeless in a new survival RPG video game

Hobo: Tough Life from Perun Creative

Seek shelter, food, or friends and allies. Make it through a harsh winter in the fictitious city of Praslav. Survive. That’s Hobo: Tough Life from the Czech independent game development company Perun Creative. 

Prepare for an experience you’ve hopefully never had to undergo. Become a homeless person right at the heart of the post-communist city of Praslav.

A fictitious metropolis inspired by the Czech capital of Prague where living on the street becomes insufferable in the winter. 

That’s where you have to simply survive in a new survival RPG called Hobo: Tough Life, created by the Czech independent studios Perun Creative.

“After decades under the communist regime, Praslav can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Many were looking forward to this change. But times are changing maybe a bit too fast. Not everyone can keep up,” is said in the game’s official trailer.

While many prospered from the new era of democracy and capitalism in the city of Praslav, the others found themselves in an unprecedentedly desperate situation. The new class of homeless people emerged and their life was simply tough.

One of the unfortunate characters is you, the player. Your job is to find yourself a shelter to keep yourself warm, seek food and even booze, live out of the generosity of others, or just take advantage of them.

Your task is simple. Survive the harsh winter of Praslav and the years to come.

“Remember, you’re homeless, not hopeless,” states the trailer.

Inspired by true stories of Prague’s homeless people

Although the city of Praslav stands as its own metropolis, the developers got inspired by real places in the Czech capital of Prague.

After the Velvet Revolution in 1989, Prague was notorious for its homeless scene. To make their story as realistic as possible, the creators used stories told by the homeless people themselves.

The development of Hobo: Tough Life took four years. 

“It was a long and very hard road. During that time, we turned a garage project into a prosperous company with two studios,” one of the development team members, Jiří Vašička, told Echo24.

The creators aim to polish the game a bit and release it for consoles by the end of the year.

Currently, the game is available on Steam. Have fun!

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