Lesbian love triangle found guilty in the biggest series of locker room thefts in Czechia

Lesbian love triangle found guilty in the biggest series of locker room thefts in Czechia

For three years, a group of three women had been stealing from locker rooms in various fitness centers. One of them was a policewoman. She claims that she conducted the crimes because of love for another member of the organized group

An unusual gang of thieves was held before the court in the Czech Republic yesterday. Three women were found guilty in the country’s most extensive series of thefts in locker rooms.

Two of them – Barbora Szeligová and Monika Pechočová – were stealing from lockers in fitness centers usually visited by more wealthy customers.

The pair used various wigs for camouflage. They got into the locker rooms, opened the lockers, and stole all the valuables and money they could find, iDnes.cz reports.

Their accomplice, Monika Müllerová, helped the two hide the crimes away from the detective unit as she was a policewoman back at the time.

The group launched the operation in 2014 and the police captured them in 2017. During the three years, they managed to steal goods worth around $23.000 in total.

Breaking the law for a broken heart

Müllerová described her role as a result of her emotional despair. Before the crimes took place, she had been living with one of the other convicted women, Barbora Szeligová. But Szeligová ended their relationship and started dating another person – Monika Pechočová.

“I loved her very much. Then I was psychologically exhausted from the fact that she found a new partner,” Müllerová said before the court.

“So I did things that were against the law. I wasn’t aware of the consequences back then. I regret my actions, I wouldn’t have done it now, but I’m not able to turn back time.”

Müllerová was fired from the police department shortly after being captured and is currently working as a conductor.

She and her former partner both ended up with a sentence of 30 months in prison with four years probation period. The third convict, Monika Pechočová, has a slightly more strict punishment because of another crime of hers.

All three parts of the love triangle agreed to pay all the damages. Some people have received their valuables back, while the rest will receive financial compensation.

The verdict is final for all three of them.

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