Thief steals goods worth $47,000, successfully escapes in a stolen garbage truck

Thief robs company’s office, successfully escapes in a garbage truck

An unknown individual stole valuables worth $47.000 from a company and used its garbage truck to escape the crime scene

The police in Brno, the Czech Republic’s second city, are investigating a rather unusual case. A thief broke into an office and took valuables worth $47,000. 

To escape the crime scene, the individual also took the keys of the company’s garbage truck specially designed to collect plastic waste.

The criminal drove the vehicle to a nearby village of Blazovice and parked it at a children’s playground. Then he left the vehicle without a trace, Brnenska drbna reports

The truck worth around $33,000 didn’t go unnoticed eventually and the police returned it back to its owner. 

The logic behind the looter’s operation is rather astonishing. If he tried to flee from a crime scene in a Lamborghini, he would be pretty much suspicious to anyone. But garbage men can do what only garbage men can while being rather unnoticeable. 

“If we manage to find the perpetrator he has to count with the prosecution for thievery, as well as unauthorized use of property,” said the spokesman for the Southern Moravian Police, Bohumil Malasek. 

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